Congratulations 2018 Graduates!

Congratulations 2018 Graduates!

Congratulations 2018 Graduates

Orange dentist teeth whiteningHats off to all of our graduates of 2018!  Whether you are embarking on your college journey, going out into the workforce, or beginning a new chapter in your life, be proud of your hard work.  We know you’ll succeed and wish you the best.  It may seem like a big step into the unknown, leaving behind what has become comfortable, but we know you can do it.  This is your chance to explore who you want to be and the impression you wish to set.  As you create your image and go out on your own, our Orange dentist has a few words of advice.

Be You

Don’t let anyone tell you to be any different than yourself.  College and high school graduates may feel anxiousness trying to fit in or meeting new friends and colleagues.  Be yourself and let them get to know you.

Follow Through

No one respects someone who doesn’t follow through on their word.  Take ownership in your job, your studies, and your life.  Use this opportunity to grow as a person and be someone who deserves respect.  Work hard for your achievements and avoid people who bring you down.

Separate Work and Play

We all need to blow off steam, but work – both school and career work – have a place in your life.  Use your time wisely so that you can relax on your days off.  Cramming for exams is never helpful and the same goes with your career.  Stay on top of your responsibilities so you have time to unwind.

Take Care of Yourself

Wherever you end up, make sure that you are taking care of your health.  Get plenty of sleep, exercise to keep your body and heart healthy, practice good oral hygiene, and remember to schedule your Orange dentist visits.  A healthy mouth plays a big part in a healthy body.

Have Confidence

Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes.  A freshly pressed shirt or a new outfit helps build self-esteem.  A strong voice allows others to hear your opinions and take you seriously.  A great smile helps with confidence as well.  Call our Orange dentist office if you feel your smile needs a little attention.  Our cosmetic dentistry options can enhance your smile so that everyone you meet sees the sureness you have in yourself.   Even a simple in-office or at-home teeth whitening treatment can have you ready for the world.

We are so proud to see our graduates move on to their next endeavors and we know you’ll be great wherever you go.  Feel free to follow us on Facebook if you need a refresher for your oral health, and know you’re always welcome here.  We’ll keep your smile looking as great as it should.