Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry, also known as Pedodontics, is the specific branch of dentistry dealing with children (birth to adolescence). At Petri Dental, we understand the dentist can be a scary place for patients of any age, especially children. Our team wants to change this narrative. We’ve worked hard to create an inviting environment for children. We try not to use certain language that might scare children, such as “injection” or “drill.” This is an important component to treating children because these fears can follow them into adulthood. Many adults might not be afraid of the dentist if they had this type of care as a child. We love treating children because they bring a lively energy to our office.

We instill good oral practices early on. This creates a good foundation for children and can help them avoid dental issues in the future. Establishing good oral habits early is crucial to achieving a healthy smile well into their adult years. Educating children about good oral hygiene is important because they need healthy baby teeth in order to develop healthy adult teeth. Healthy primary teeth also help children chew and speak properly.

Education – We use several tools to educate our younger patients including terminology, models, and computer simulations. Parents seem to learn a lot from these visits as well. If a child is aware of the benefits of healthy teeth, they are more likely to take good care of them. We also inform them of the risks of poor oral hygiene, not to scare them, but to let them know what could happen if they don’t maintain proper oral hygiene.

Monitoring growth – The earlier you can bring your child into our office, the better. Recent advancements have granted us incredible dental technologies to monitor your child’s dental progression. Not only are we able to spot issues before they happen, but we can give preventative tips and advise parents about treatments to stop a problem before it worsens.

Prevention – We offer a variety of preventative care options for children such as dental sealants. Sealants keep food from getting stuck in the deep crevices of your chewing surfaces. We may also suggest a topical fluoride for even more effective results.

Intervention – Regular visits allow us to determine preventative and other oral treatments early on. Early detection and prevention of any issue can significantly enhance your child’s oral health.